Welcome to SO WP!

As you can read from the site description, we use the SO WP website to give a home to the WordPress Plugins and Themes that we have and are developing.

So far we have developed 9 WordPress plugins (actual number is 11, but 2 we gave up active development) under the SO moniker. Each of the plugins is hosted on both the official WordPress Plugins Repository and on Github. If you came here looking for my commercial plugins, then we would like to refer you to SO PLUS.

Although we have not yet released many themes, we thought it would make sense to add them anyway to this site as we also host them on Github and it is nice to have one site for all things WordPress we release.

SO WP Plugins

SO WP Themes


I think that the Github environment makes it easier for people to collaborate on projects: they can fork a plugin, write a patch, submit a pull request and as soon as I accept that the plugin is updated in an instant.

Beta Releases

This means that the WordPress Repository will always host the latest stable releases of the plugins or themes whereas on Github you can find the working beta releases.

On purpose I placed emphasis on the word working, as the code should work, but it can happen that bugs have slipped in and/or have not been ironed out yet. After all, Github is a development environment.

Therefore if you decide to download the plugins or themes from Github, keep in mind you do so on your own risk.

Authors and Contributors

Most plugins of SO WP have been developed by me (@senlin) with the exception of the SO Pinyin Slugs plugin that has been a joint effort of both Denis Cao (@caoyongsheng) and myself.

If you are interested to collaborate on project with me, please do get in touch to see how we can help each other.

I am also looking for people that can offer translation files for the various plugins I have released. Because all code I release comes internationalised, I think it would be nice if there are then also actual translations available. It speaks for itself that I will accredit you on the code you contribute to.


I have decided to only give support via Github, for the simple reason that it is much easier to instantly implement changes where necessary.

If you wish, you can leave comments on the Plugins pages here on SO-WP.com and I encourage you to write a review for my plugins over at the WordPress Plugin Repository.


If you want to know more about me or would like to contact me for future collaboration, translations or for something else, please visit the Contact & Info page.