About SO WP

After dwelling in the technical world for more than 10 years, earning a solid reputation, we saw a steady increase in enquiries from people who wanted a new website or an update to their existing website.

And as we were already preparing a re-branding effort from Senlin Online to SO WP, we decided that Website Projects, the Website Care Plan and WordPress Plugins would all remain with SO WP. The more technical work, such as WPML Implementation, WooCommerce customisations, various Assessments have moved to BHI Consulting.

SO WP has taken over the website projects branch of Senlin Online.
This means that at SO WP we exclusively focus on designing and developing new websites and website makeovers.

With the vast knowledge and experience in Sales and Marketing of our recently expanded team, SO WP is committed to helping people and companies with their online presence, achieving higher business goals.

We invite you to have a look at our portfolio and read the testimonials of our clients.

Our new website BHI Consulting has become the place to go to for ad hoc help with multilingual websites (running the WPML or Polylang plugins), WooCommerce customizations, Site Optimisation and WordPress plugins.