If you would like to give us back something for our efforts building the free WordPress plugins, then we appreciate that very much. And donations don't necessarily have to come in plain money. There are quite a few different ways to contribute something; please have a look below.

Rate and review the SO WP Plugins

You would help us a great deal already by simply rating the plugin on the WordPress Plugins Repository and clicking on "it works" button. Nowadays rating means that you also have to write a few words as a review, but please don't let that stop you to rate the plugin(s)!

Contribute code to make the SO WP Plugins better

One of the great advantages of Github is thatyou can easily fork a Repository and tweak along on it. Perhaps you have a better solution for something presented in the plugins or maybe you find an error we made. Then you can write a patch and push that back to our Repository and we can include your code in the next release. Credits of course go to you.

Translate the SO WP Plugins into your language

If coding is not (yet) your thing and you master two or more languages, you would do us a great favor by donating your time to translate one of the plugins into your language (or any other language you master). As above, when you contribute by sending (or pushing) translations to the repo, we will accredit you on the plugin.

Send some money via PayPal

Of course you can also donate by sending us some money via PayPal. We can then use that to buy a coffee, beer, wine, dinner, or something like that.

Quick lunch (€10)
Caramel macchiato (€5)
Longer lunch (€15)
Few beers after work (€25)
Dinner (€50)
Evening out with my wife (€100)

Transfer a few percentiles of Bitcoins

We have recently started with Bitcoin, so now we can also accept donations in Bitcoins. Given the current rate we don't expect transfers of whole Bitcoins, but a few percentiles can go a long way too.

Choose a gift from our Amazon Wish List and send it over

If all the above is not for you and you'd rather send us a gift, then there is Amazon. We have set up a Wishlist and you can take your pick from there.

Whichever way, shape or form of donation you decide on, you are certainly going to make us very happy! Thank you in advance!