Changes regarding your Website Statistics

There are some changes coming up regarding your website statistics and we would like to inform you here about the different options for you.

The plugin we currently use Stats has become part of a larger plugin called Jetpack.

Now as you will see, Jetpack has an awful lot of other stuff also going on, but here’s the thing, you won’t be needing all that stuff. On the Senlin Hosting Club we already have a shortlink system in place and sharing to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+ already has been enabled on your site a long time ago.

Our reasoning therefore would be “why install something where you won’t be needing 7 of the 8 options?”

We offer three solutions:

  1. keep things as is, the stats work for now and if they would break in the future we can switch to another solution
  2. install Jetpack
  3. install Google Analytics

re 2) for Jetpack to work, we need you to visit and make an account, then we will need these account details to be able to install Jetpack on your website

re 3) Google Analytics has long been a favorite of webmasters around the world. It gives you your website’s statistics in lot of detail. We have always find it a bit overkill, especially for relatively small websites like yours, but it’s a great tool to see what’s going on on your website in terms of traffic.
For it to work we will have to add some code to your website and install a plugin so you can see your stats in your WordPress Dashboard.

You can contact us through your website’s Dashboard to let us know your choice. If you do nothing we will choose option 1 for you. Please let us know if you have any questions.