Coming Soon: WordPress 3.5

Tomorrow Someday soon WordPress 3.5 will be released to the masses.

This release is packed with new things, but you – as the end user – will hardly notice a thing. One of the only few things that you will notice is a renewed welcome screen. You will see this only the first time, after you login.

Another change is that the media uploader (through which you upload images for your site’s Pages and Posts) has received a facelift. Also the media upload button has been changed to simplify things.

Form WordPress 3.5 onwards you can also embed SoundCloud and Slideshare directly into your posts.

Overall the loading speed of WordPress 3.5 should be improved, but we cannot say whether you will really notice that.

We have been playing around with the development versions, the beta versions and the release candidates to ensure a smooth updating process.

Once the new version has been officially released and we have updated your site we will let you know. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us using the usual ways as shown in your WordPress Dashboard.