Coming Soon: WordPress 3.6

A few days ago the first beta version of WordPress 3.6 was released, which means that the full release of this new WordPress version is around the corner. When exactly the new version will be released is not sure, most likely somewhere around the end of April, early May perhaps.

What can you expect from this new Release?

For the clients of the Senlin Hosting Club and SO WP Support there will be a few changes that you will notice when logging into your site after the upgrade.

  1. Post Formats; although not many sites of clients of the Senlin Hosting Club actively use these Post Formats, you will no doubt notice some changes in your Edit Post screens and that is the reason that we mention this new feature. We will see on a per site basis whether it is useful to make use of this feature.
  2. The Navigation Menus UI (user interface) will receive a little update that make it look somewhat different than the current UI. Most likely you don’t go often into your menus (via Appearance -> Menus), but nevertheless it is good to know that some things will change there.
  3. Audio/Video; although we don’t encourage hosting your own audio/video files, with the new release it now is possible to do so.
  4. Auto-save; this feature has always been present, but from WordPress version 3.6, it now saves your Post/Page locally on your computer. This means that if your browser crashes, you will still have everything you wrote thus far.
  5. Post locking; when you have a site where other people than you can write content, it can happen that two (or more) people are working on the same Post or Page. Although currently WordPress shows a little notice when that is the case, in the new version this notice becomes much clearer and gives you the choice to go back, preview it or take over the editing.

There are a few more changes, but these are the most important for you we think. If you’re interested to read about all of them, there is a good article on Do It With WordPress.

We already have installed the beta version (as a matter of fact it’s running right here) and we are testing it thoroughly, so you can rest assured that once we update your website, it will be smooth sailing all the way!

If you have any questions on the upcoming release of WordPress 3.6 you can let us know via email or in the comments.