On Foundation 4

Approximately a week ago I switched to yet another version of my SO WP website. The previous version was built on my own Basejump theme, but I had ripped it so far apart that the mobile versions were actually becoming quite the pain to get running right.

Foundation YetiSometime in March I also (finally?) discovered Foundation 4 and because I already was looking to incorporate SASS in my next project, my mind was set to use this frontend framework as soon as possible.

I used both Reverie and Spine2 as examples to integrate Foundation into WordPress and although it is a bit of a learning curve, once you have compiling stylesheets going it is quite the pleasure to work with.

I am now working on a new project where I use the _s theme for the backend and Foundation for the frontend.
As soon as that is ready for release, I will most certainly write something about it here, so watch this space…