Makeover Senlin Online

The Senlin Online website has received a complete makeover!

Every 1.5-2 years we like to give our own website a complete makeover. We think it is important to show our (potential) clients what can be done and the first place to show them is at the introduction, i.e. our own site.

During this makeover we have tried to work as little as possible with images for the design part of the site and instead have implement most styling with CSS3. Examples of extensive use of CSS3 are the rounded corners, the shadows around text and areas, different font-style for the Testimonials, gradients in the sidebar and of course the transformations on the homepage and on our Portfolio page.

The theme itself is a bespoke Child Theme of the WordPress default Twenty Ten theme. We have implemented Custom Post Types for the Testimonials and the Portfolio and to both we have added Custom Meta Boxes.

We have (finally) introduced the blog functionality to our site, but don’t expect daily updates please. The main reason we have added this blog is to be able to play around with the recently introduced Post Formats.

We hope the renewed Senlin Online website is useful for you and if you have any questions and/or remarks, please let us know in the comments or via the contact page.