Multisite Dashboard Feed Widget plugin released

Two days ago we released our first ever plugin to the public and yesterday we managed to add it to the WordPress plugin repository.

How we did that (adding it to the repository) is a subject for another article altogether, so let’s focus on the plugin itself instead.

With the update to WordPress 3.1.2 we discovered that on Multisite installations the Dashboard Feed went missing. The Dashboard Feed was a box in the top of the Dashboard of WordPress (back end) that showed the latest News from the main site.

This was very handy and we used it especially to alert clients of Senlin Hosting Club to added functionality, new features, announcements and what not.

Of course we did a search if others were experiencing the same problem and we found only two forums were it was discussed. Either users of Multisite cannot be bothered or perhaps they didn’t notice?

Anyways, we were bothered by it and as there were no solutions offered by anyone, we decided to make something useful ourselves. As we were starting from scratch we decided that it would be much more useful to not have only the latest news article showing, but instead default it to the three latest Posts.

The initial solution we came up with did the trick, but was not very easy in use, especially not for a multisite with lots of blogs and websites hanging under it. One of the responses was to suggest someone to make a plugin of it and since we already for a while had been interested to make a plugin of our own, we grabbed the opportunity!

The Multisite Dashboard Feed Widget plugin was born! If you are using Multisite, we hope you find it useful!