SO WP enters commercial plugin market with SO PLUS

For a few months I already had the site SO WP, which serves as a home for everything I publicly release for WordPress, i.e. plugins and themes.

I am proud to announce that since the end of March I have entered the commercial WordPress plugin market with the plugin SO Related Posts PLUS and as I am planning to release quite a few more premium plugins, I have made a separate site for that available too: SO PLUS, Premium WordPress Plugins by SO WP.

The plugin lets you add related posts under your article which helps to keep your readers longer on your website as you are basically suggesting to read more articles on that related topic. You can choose to show a thumbnail of the related posts and you can add additional styling straight from the plugin. In the next few months I will update the plugin with a few more additional features.

Clients of SO WP can use the coupon code SNLONL30 for 30% discount!