upcoming WordPress version 3.9

Sometime next week WordPress comes with another major release: version 3.9

As usual we quickly show you what will be the most important changes that affect you directly.

If you are using the Visual Editor you will most likely notice some changes as WordPress has updated the TinyMCE Editor (that powers the visual editor) to version 4.x.
If you have been using the “paste from Word” button, you don’t need to start looking for it as it has been removed completely. This does not mean that you cannot paste any text coming from Microsoft Word anymore, you can now paste it straight into the editor.

Another major change is that if you want to add an image to your article, you can now just drag and drop it in place, without the need to click on the “Add Media” button. For this to work you must use the Visual Editor.

If you want to see all of the new features, we suggest to take a look at this post.