this* is our new web host

As of late last night the SO WP website is no longer hosted on Bluehost, but instead on the superfast servers of this* web host.

Last month we already moved the Senlin Hosting Club to the servers of this* and the decision to move the SO WP came just before the start of the weekend when my emails started bouncing back with the message that (one of) the Bluehost mail servers was listed by Spamcop.

Now, throttling website access is one thing, but if I am no longer able to communicate with my clients via email, then things have to change fast!

When I discovered that Bluehost was listed by Spamcop I immediately sent them an inquiry and it took them well over 36 hours to even respond to that. It seems that Bluehost has grown far too big to be able to offer a professional and trustworthy service.

this* web hosting is a fresh breath of air! You probably notice that the speed of the site is just incredible! On the SO WP website we don’t have any caching plugin and looking at current loading times, that won’t be necessary for a while either.

The reason things run so fast on is that this* runs on a LiteSpeed web server, which is up to 6x faster than Apache.

I have had 2 times that I needed to contact the support desk and what is great that the same person that answers your ticket the first time, sticks around until the problem has been resolved. Another advantage is that the support desk is manned by people that can understand English, something I doubt is always the case with other hosting companies.

Probably most noteworthy is that this* doesn’t bullshit you with unlimited diskspace and bandwidth.

Bluehost is “famous” for advertizing with unlimited space/bandwidth and as a reward you will notice that they continuously throttle your domain (click on CPU throttling in your cPanel), their servers go offline all the time, probably due to the sheer overload and now their email servers are getting listed by Spamcop. Easy to give me unlimited space if I cannot do anything with it in the first place, huh?!

this* has 4 different hosting options available starting from USD 2.95 per month for 15GB of monthly bandwidth and a diskspace of 3GB.

On top of all the good things that hopefully make the hosting experience here at this* web host an enjoyable one, I very much like the name!