We are switching SEO plugins

For many years we have been using the Yoast SEO plugin on all of our sites and those of our clients. In the beginning we were quite happy with this plugin as it did great work.

However over the past years things have changed and we have had to put up with a lot of changes. The team behind the plugin ought it necessary to dump all sorts of advertisements for their premium services on the WordPress Dashboard. Furthermore they invented all kinds of nags and used irritating balloons introducing unwanted tours after every plugin update.

The larger the development team grew, the more bugs seemed to slip in updates, which meant even more of those updates and therefore more nags and more balloons.

Eventually we got so fed up with all of it, that we developed our own plugin to make all the irritating stuff go away. We released SO Hide SEO Bloat in May 2015 and it currently is installed on more than 6,000 websites! To us this means that there are more people fed up!

Then mid November last year team Yoast released a massive update to their plugin. We can only guess that it was meant to be a groundbreaking release; unfortunately it turned out to be a complete disaster. Within a few days several versions were released and every time something else was broken.

Many sites saw their SEO fall apart rapidly and given that their plugin is active on more than 1 million websites, you can imagine that this debacle actually has cost a lot of people real money.

Clients of SO WP don’t have to worry as we always test plugin updates before installing them on your site. You might see that your website is running on version 999999 (2.3.5). That is a little trick that we have implemented to make sure the plugin cannot be accidentally updated.

During this time the Yoast SEO plugin has collected a record number of almost 200 1-star reviews. To put this in perspective: many plugin developers, including us, will never see a total amount of 200 reviews in their lifetime, let alone exclusively negative ones!

Now we’re more than a month further and the plugin still wreaks havoc over the internet. Keeping an older version of a plugin is never a good idea, so we have been looking for an alternative.

Yesterday we found The SEO Framework plugin and after we thoroughly tested it on a couple of local installs, we have decided to switch our live sites to the plugin.

It is super easy to import the old data, so the transition is smooth. On your Pages and Posts screens, the plugin shows clearly which content is SEO optimised and what needs your attention and a bit more work.

Soon we will also start updating the sites of our clients, starting with sites that run in a singular language. Sites with two or more languages will have to wait a bit longer until we have fully tested WPML compatibility.

image credits: StockSnap.io