What’s coming in WordPress 4.3?

For the last few months development of WordPress 4.3 has been a hot topic for those involved.

There have been many heated discussions about “features” being added, but fortunately clients of SO WP don’t have to worry about any of that.

If you are using the Visual Editor to write your website’s content, then you will be happy to know that WordPress 4.3 comes with a few new Formatting Shortcuts. To see them in action, please have a look at the quick screencast below:

Another big improvement is how passwords for new users are handled. Before there was an indicator that showed how strong your chosen password was, but you still had to come up with a string yourself. WordPress is now doing that on your behalf. The new user does not receive this password via email, but instead receives an email with a login link (for if you have made the password available to the user) and a reset link. If the user clicks on the reset link, WordPress again suggest a strong password. All this has been done in the hope to encourage people not to use passwords like 12345* to “secure” their WP login.

The last improvement we’re going to mention has to do with comments. For some reason commenting on Pages has always been turned on by default. This is very strange, because why would you want people to comment on let’s say your about page? Anyways, from WordPress 4.3 onwards that is something of the past as for any new Page the comments are turned off by default.

WordPress 4.3 is scheduled to be released at the end of August and as usual clients of SO WP can rest assured that we first thoroughly test the new version, before updating your site with it.

Wish you a great Summer!

image credits: StockSnap.io