What’s new in WordPress 4.0

The other day WordPress 4.0 beta 2 was released, which means that the final release of the new version is really close now.

As usual we give you a quick overview of what to expect once we have updated your site with this new version.

The new WordPress version is again packed with new features, most of them are related to fine-tuning, but some of them will have a direct effect on you, the user, too.

There is one feature that will have an impact on everyone who uses the WordPress Editor – you know, to write content:

the scroll bar in the Editor will be a thing of the past!

Without being able to try it out, it’s best to illustrate with before/after screenshots:

Another new feature that won’t go unnoticed for very long is the Media Library. From 4.0 it is possible to show your uploaded media (images, documents, movies) in a grid instead of a long boring list and sorting has been improved too. Before you could only sort by date, now it is also possible to filter by type of media. Two quick screenshots to visualize the goodies:

The Plugins and Themes pages also have received a facelift, but because clients of Senlin Hosting Club and/or SO WP cannot see those pages, it makes no sense to show you now what you will never see anyways…

So these will be the biggest changes for you.

The list of embeddable content is getting longer too and in 4.0 Issuu (documents), Mixcloud (music), TED (videos) and YouTube Playlists are added. The latter was already possible as single videos, the playlist part is new though. Embedding content is as easy as taking the (sharing) URL of that content and paste it right here into the Editor. Make sure that it sits by itself on one line and your site visitors can see it right away.

For new installs – also something you will never have to deal with – it will now become possible to choose the language, which is a major improvement towards internationalization. The current WordPress Core developers team has made it a mission to do more about this much needed subject; after all the amount of English WordPress installs is far lower than installs in the rest of the languages.

Rest assured that when WordPress 4.0 is released in a few weeks, we have already tested your sites and the plugins installed on them to see whether everything keeps working as it should. You do not have to do anything, as usual we will take care of everything for you.