What’s new in WordPress 4.1

Soon WordPress 4.1 will hit the virtual shelves and we will make sure that the websites of our clients will be updated.

That is the reason why we already have been playing around with the early development, alpha and beta versions of WordPress 4.1 on several test sites, both locally and in live environments (don’t try that at home kids!).

Although there are quite a lot of improvements aimed at developers, we think that the biggest change for you, the user, is that the distraction free writing environment has received an overhaul and looks quite nice actually now. Having said that, in earlier versions this distraction free writing was enabled by default, but fortunately the powers that be have listened and made it now optional, which is and has been the default since its inception.

The only thing you will notice after we have updated your site to WordPress 4.1 is a little balloon that informs you about the distraction free writer. Feel free to try it out and otherwise you can just click the notice away and go back to the order of the day.

If you happen to use the “Visual Editor” – you know, the one that shows all the icons for formatting the content – you will see a little toolbar when you are embedding images. The buttons on the toolbar let you choose the alignment of the image.

So, all good, don’t worry, there are no dramatic changes for you in WordPress 4.1!

Happy Holidays!