WordPress 4.4, what are the important changes?

Usually we write this Post before the new version of WordPress is released. You might have noticed that we already updated your site to WordPress 4.4, and you might be wondering why we haven’t informed you on any changes yet?

Well the reason is quite simple actually: for clients of SO WP there is nothing in the new release of WordPress that is really worth mentioning.

There is a new default theme, Twenty Sixteen that once again focuses on bloggers mostly. All clients of SO WP have a bespoke theme, so a new default theme is completely irrelevant.

Another addition to WordPress 4.4 is that it is now possible to embed content from other WordPress sites. Again, since sites of clients of SO WP are not focused around blogs, we think this is not immediately relevant. What is however, is that it works two ways. This means that your content can now be embedded on other websites.

If you don’t want that, then please let us know, we will then install a plugin for your that disables this feature.

WordPress 4.4 also addresses responsive images. Websites developed by SO WP already come with responsive and dynamic image resizing for many years and they way WordPress does it is not very likely to do your site any good.

Actually the only new features of WordPress 4.4 that are exciting are those for developers and we won’t bore you with those details.