WordPress 4.8 release

In 10 days orso (at the time of writing this) the new WordPress 4.8 will be released.

As you are used to from us, we always give some information on what to expect for the clients of the SO WP Website Care Plan and since it can be useful for others too, we publish this onto our News section.

Although there is plenty going on under the hood, the only mildly useful thing has to do with Text Widgets. These are not in use on every site developed by SO WP, but on those that are you will be happy to know that it will soon be possible to use the Text Editor in these Text Widgets too.

To illustrate this we have found tjis animated gif (courtesy of CodeinWP blog) that explains this visually:
New text widget in action

We will of course thoroughly test the WordPress 4.8 release before updating your website.

And if you have any questions regarding this or other, you can contact us via the information found in your website’s backend.