Classic Editor Addon

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The Classic Editor plugin doesn't remove Gutenberg by default. This free addon changes that and then some.

GDPR-compliant: does not collect any user data

The Classic Editor plugin doesn't remove Gutenberg by default. With this free addon we set the option that controls this from no-replace to replace, so no additional action is needed anymore. This is what the Classic Editor should have done out of the box, what else is the point of using the plugin in the first place?

In addition to this most basic requirement, the Classic Editor Addon removes the Settings link from the main Plugins page and removes the plugin's Settings from the Settings > Writing screen.

Last but not least the Classic Editor Addon suppresses the Nag screen that is slated to arrive in the Dashboard with WP version 4.9.8.

The free Classic Editor Addon plugin is targeted at everyone who is not yet ready for Gutenberg and/or who does not want to bother clients with Gutenberg. Install it now on sites and by the time WP 4.9.8 and eventually 5.0 are released, the UX remains the same as you are used to!

Classic Editor Addon by Pieter Bos and Greg Schoppe.

Studio 7042