Multisite Dashboard Feed Widget

This plugin is no longer in active development, use at own risk ,
Source/Fork: Github

Shows the latest Posts from the main site of a multisite install in the top of the Dashboard of the sites hanging under the multisite install.

With the arrival of WordPress version 3.1.2 (April 2011) all of a sudden the Dashboard Feed on Multisite had disappeared. A few others noticed this too, but nobody had any solutions. That is the reason why I made this plugin. By default it shows the titles (and links to) the 3 latest Posts of the Main Site (blog_id=1) in a box with a yellow background which shows as the first available widget in the dashboard of all sites hanging under the Multisite.

We have pulled this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory, thus it is now only available via our Github Repo.

Sarah B├╝rvenich