Remove ICL Promotion

This plugin is no longer in active development, use at own risk ,
Source/Fork: Github

This free WPML Addon removes all promotion for ICanLocalize from the WPML dashboard.

By default the WPML plugin includes promotion for their own translation service ICanLocalize. This translation service comes at competitive rates and is completely integrated in the WPML Dashboard.

It is a great service to have for most people, however translation agencies are less happy about it. We have heard from many different agencies that they are wary to install WPML, just because of the inline advertisements for a competing service.

With the Remove ICL Promotion plugin activated the promotion is removed from several places throughout your Dashboard:

  • dashboard widget
  • edit Post/Page/Custom Post Type screens
  • WPML Troubleshooting page
  • translation management screen (separate addon)

We have pulled this plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory, thus it is now only available via our Github Repo.

Kelly Sikkema