Remove WP Update Nags

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Free WordPress plugin that removes all WP Update Nags, great for if you want to stay on WP 4.9.x and do not want to be constantly "reminded".

GDPR-compliant: does not collect any user data

If you have decided to stay on WordPress version 4.9.x instead of joining the block-craze going on in WP-circles, then you will quickly get tired of the constant nags all over the WordPress Dashboard.

The Remove WP Update Nags plugin takes care of the following nags:

  • it removes the main nag that shows at the top of every page
  • it removes the Updates submenu of the main Dashboard sidebar menu; plugins and themes updates can be seen on their resp. pages
  • it hides the update nag from the At a Glance dashboard widget
  • it adjusts the admin footer by simply showing the current version of the WP install instead of the line with a link

The plugin also adds a few filters to make sure the site only receive minor (point release) updates. In other words the auto update to 4.9.x is allowed, but the auto update to 5.x.x is not.

There are no settings, simply install and be free from update nags.