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This free WPML Addon removes the WP Menu Sync sub menu from the WPML Dashboard.

The WP Menus Sync feature of WPML can be very useful if all the content that is going to be part of the menu items in the navigation menu(s) too already has been translated. However not all people (developers) have that luxury and therefore choose to translate the navigation menu(s) manually.

In that case it would not be a good idea when the client unwittingly clicks on that WPML submenu (or on the synchronization link in the Menus page) and starts syncing menus.

It is therefore that we have released this small Addon. Of course people other than developers can also use the addon if they don’t want to use the navigation menu synchronization tool of WPML.

First of all it checks whether WPML has been installed. If it has it will hide the synchronization link from the Appearance > Menus page.

The way the WPML sidebar menu in the WordPress back end is built up, depends on whether the Translation Management Addon has been installed, so the Addon also does a quick check on that, before it removes the Menu Sync submenu.

The Addon doesn’t come with any settings.

Rula Sibai