Simple Gallery

This plugin is no longer in active development, use at own risk ,
Source/Fork: Github

The Simple Gallery plugin gives you a mini gallery with a beautiful CSS rollover effect using a simple shortcode.

Inspired by a LinkedIn discussion and a Rollover Image Gallery tutorial), we decided to cook up the concept of it in a plugin.

It works with a Simple Gallery custom post type to which you can upload a maximum of 8 images using the Meta Box plugin.

Once you have added images to your Simple Gallery you can add it to your Post or Page using a simple shortcode. This shortcode shows after you have published or updated the Simple Gallery. And you can also find the shortcode on the main Simple Galleries screen.

screenshot of Simple Galleries main screen with shortcodes of existing galleries

When you use the Visual Editor you will find a nice shortcode button that by clicking it adds [so-simple-gallery id=""] to your Post or Page content. Between the double quotes you only have to fill in the ID of the Simple Gallery you would like to add.

If you use the Text Editor instead, you can copy the shortcode from the main Simple Galleries screen and paste it into your Edit Post/Page screen.

If you would like to add a gallery to a template file, then you need to add the following code to it:

We used a dashicon to add a button to the Visual Editor and therefore you can use the SO Simple Gallery from WordPress version 3.9 and up (as that is the version where TinyMCE 4.x was rolled into Core).

Kyle Szegedi