Current Free Plugins

Lean WP

Lean WP does a great job cleaning up the WordPress backend (Dashboard) and frontend!

SO Turn On Debug

Sets WP_DEBUG to true without the need to touch any files.

SO Customizer Hide Menu

Hides the Navigation Menu from the Customizer so as not to confuse anyone.

SO Hide SEO Bloat

Clean up several unwanted things that the Yoast SEO plugin adds to your WordPress Dashboard.

SO Responsive Content

With the SO Responsive Content plugin you can easily adjust the length of your content for different devices.

SO Pinyin Slugs

Transforms Chinese character titles into a permalink friendly slug, showing pinyin that can be read by humans and (Chinese) search engines alike.

SO Mobile Map Widget

This widget adds a mobile-optimised Google Static Map Image with a colored pin centered on a destination of your choosing.

SO Dashboard Feed Widget

Shows the latest Posts from a site of your choice in the top of the WordPress Dashboard.

SO Remove ICL Promotion

This free WPML Addon removes all promotion for ICanLocalize from the WPML dashboard.

SO Simple Gallery

The SO Simple Gallery plugin gives you a mini gallery with a beautiful CSS rollover effect using a simple shortcode.

SO Recommended Reading

Add links to external articles that you want to recommend to your readers.

SO Related Posts

The SO Related Posts plugin puts you in control on what really is related content and comes now with all PLUS features integrated!

SO Remove WPML Menu Sync

This free WPML Addon removes the WP Menu Sync sub menu from the WPML Dashboard.

SO Multisite Dashboard Feed Widget

Shows the latest Posts from the main site of a multisite install in the top of the Dashboard of the sites hanging under the multisite install.