Basejump WordPress Theme

Project Type:

Design: bespoke theme

Backend: based on Genesis default child theme layout

Timeline: July 2012

Intro: We developed the Basejump WordPress theme because there is always something with other themes, whether they are frameworks, grids or child themes.

Some people swear by frameworks, some of us work best with grids and yet others prefer to build child themes off the WordPress default theme(s).

Having worked with all of the above, they have one thing in common:
there is always something.

  • A framework tends to try to cover all its bases and is therefore by default adding way too much “fluff” to the equation
  • When developing based on a grid – whether it’s 12 columns, 16 columns, the golden ratio or whatever – there comes a point that a design is just that bit different and you will need to introduce all kinds of div’s and/or classes to make the design fit the grid.
  • Child themes are nice most of the times, but you need to rewrite a lot of functions or you’re stuck with code that never gets used; in other words you’ll end up with unnecessary overhead.

That has been the main reason for us to develop this WordPress theme.

Although the Basejump WordPress theme is a base theme for you to build upon, it still comes packed with quite a few features and we have coded it for WordPress 3.4 and above.

  • Six different Page Templates, neatly organized in their own Page Templates directory (WordPress 3.4 feature)
  • Upto six columns (best used on the Full Width Page Template)
  • Superfish navigation dropdown menu
  • Fully internationalized
  • WPML ready and when activated it shows the language menu right in the menu bar navigation
  • Custom background with default background when no custom background has been uploaded by the user; coded with add_theme_support (WordPress 3.4 feature)
  • Seven “sidebars” including 4 in the footer that can be used for widgets
  • 4 Social Media share buttons in post footer on single post template
  • Responsive

With the name we have tried to already suggest what it is. Take this theme and “jump off a cliff” (not literally of course) to make it into the site you want it to become.

The theme is available for download via its own website WP Basejump.